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ADI Part 2 – Driving

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  1. Before Starting the Vehicle
    4 Topics
  2. Starting the Vehicle and Moving Away
    5 Topics
  3. MSPSGL Routine, Stopping and Junctions
    16 Topics
  4. Emergency Stop and Manoeuvres
    5 Topics
  5. Awareness, Vulnerable Road Users, Planning and Anticipation
    2 Topics
  6. Independent Driving
    2 Topics
  7. Show Me / Tell Me Questions
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  8. Trainer Notes & Reflective Log Upload Section: Part 2 Practical Sessions
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Checking a driving licence:

You will need to check your pupil has a valid provisional driving licence or full licence for the category of vehicle they are driving. You will need to ask them to produce their photo card licence and licence ‘check code’ for you to check their driving record online before they start any driving.

You will need to check their driving record online at: You can use this service to check someone’s driving licence information, for example, vehicles they can drive or any penalty points or disqualifications.

You need:

  • The last 8 characters of their driving licence number
  • A check code from the driver

You must use the code within 21 days of your pupil obtaining it. You can only use the code once – you have to get another code to do another check.

Obtaining the code:

Ask your pupil to go to: and fill in the required fields. They will be asked for:

  • Their driving licence number
  • Their National Insurance number
  • The postcodes on their driving licence

They can use this service to:

  • View their driving record, for example, vehicles they can drive
  • Check their penalty points or disqualifications
  • Create a licence ‘check code’ to share their driving record with someone, for example, a car hire company or driving instructor

Reference Books: Driving Instructors Handbook

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