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ADI Part 2 – Driving

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  1. Before Starting the Vehicle
    4 Topics
  2. Starting the Vehicle and Moving Away
    5 Topics
  3. MSPSGL Routine, Stopping and Junctions
    16 Topics
  4. Emergency Stop and Manoeuvres
    5 Topics
  5. Awareness, Vulnerable Road Users, Planning and Anticipation
    2 Topics
  6. Independent Driving
    2 Topics
  7. Show Me / Tell Me Questions
    1 Topic
  8. Trainer Notes & Reflective Log Upload Section: Part 2 Practical Sessions
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When parking we should always ask ourselves is it safe, legal and convenient?

  • Safe – For example: Not on a blind bend or brow of a hill
  • Legal – For example: Not on roads where there are double yellow lines, zig-zag lines outside schools for instance, not within ten metres of a junction or on zig-zag lines at a pedestrian crossing
  • Convenient – For example: Not blocking a driveway or entrance, not opposite a bus stop or opposite parked vehicles on a narrow road blocking emergency vehicles’ access

Plan well ahead to identify your chosen parking spot, use the MSM routine only signalling if someone would benefit.

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