ADI Part 1 – Theory

Welcome to Part 1 of your Let’s Instruct online driving instructor training course. Your course has been designed to be a blended learning program of video, text and online question bank practice.

Welcome to the ADI Part 1 -Theory

Your course has been set out for you to work through in the order it is presented. However, you are given full access to the whole course from the outset, allowing you to control in which order you study.


1. Above, you will find the ‘Materials’ tab. Click this tab to find your ‘Reflective Log’ in PDF form. Please print off as many as you require to fill out one at the end of every session you do on the course. Reflecting on your work this way is a vital part of your training; not only is reflective practice a proven way of retaining information more effectively, but by the end of your training, you will have built a full record of your training that you can revisit at anytime.
2. Please take an image of your reflective logs and upload them to the course using the ‘Upload Assignments’ tab found on every lesson throughout the course.

The Part 1 section of your qualification is the foundation of all that follows, and you will need a thorough knowledge of the theory in order to be successful. The effort you put in at this stage will pay you back tenfold later in your training when you come to take your Part 2 and Part 3. Good luck, and enjoy your course.

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Lets Instruct Driving Academy

Andrew has been an ADI since 2004; he holds an A grade from the DVSA and is on the DVSA’s ORDIT (official register of driving instructor trainers) and the DVSA’s Fleet Register. Matt has been a DVSA ADI for 22 years, a Driving Instructor Trainer for 17 years and a founder of the award-winning Let’s Instruct Driving School. Training and developing a new generation of drivers and instructors for a safe future. Together they offer a wide range of ADI development training, including ADI Part 3 preparation and rescue sessions, in-classroom training and virtual online mentoring sessions to ADIs, learners and drivers.

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Excellent course

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The coursed has been explained well

The course has been explained well and is easy to understand.

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Good read

This is a good read. Definitely worth my time, effort, and money!

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