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Vision Junctions

Zone of vision:

The zone of vision is what the driver can see into the other roads as they approach a junction.

The driver’s zone of vision can be restricted when approaching a junction. Obstructions can be buildings, hedges, bends or other vehicles. The zone of vision will improve the closer you get to the junction.

When a driver’s zone of vision on approach to a junction is good it is known as an
Open Junction’.

When a driver’s zone of vision on approach to a junction is poor it is known as a
Closed Junction’.

Peep and creep:

Having stopped at a T junction you may find that parked vehicles are restricting your view when trying to emerge into the new road. The safest way to proceed is to creep forward slowly looking over, under, along the sides of and through the windows of the parked vehicles until you have a clear enough view to go. This technique is called ‘Peep and Creep’.

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