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Mini & Double Roundabouts

Mini Roundabouts:

Treat with the same rules as any other roundabouts. Mini roundabouts are however far smaller than normal roundabouts which means:

1. You are not expected to indicate when leaving the roundabout if doing so would affect your steering.

2. Every effort should be made to go around the roundabout but putting your wheels partly on the centre markings is permitted if needed. For example, if you are a large vehicle.

3. Don’t enter the junction unless your route through and exit is clear.

4. Due to the size of the junction other vehicles will be in close proximity. Keep other vehicles in mind, even if they are required to give way to you (can you stop in time if they pulled out?).

Double Roundabouts:

Treat each roundabout individually and with the same rules as other roundabouts. To be clear, with a double roundabout you must treat each roundabout in turn one at a time and not treat them both as one junction. This does mean you may find yourself stopped on the first roundabout whilst giving way to traffic coming from your right at the second. This is permitted and you must not entre the second roundabout unless your way is clear.

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