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Crossroads Turning Right

On the approach:

As with any junction plan well ahead to see the signs or road markings to guide you. In some cases however there will be none and you will have to be prepared to give way.

Methods for turning tight when oncoming traffic is also turning right:

Rule 181 of the Highway code says that there are two methods for dealing with this situation.

1. Turn right side to right side keeping the other vehicle on your right and turning behind it. This is generally the safest method as you have a clear view of oncoming traffic when completing your turn.

2. Left side to left side, turning in front of each other. This can block your view of oncoming traffic so take care.

Deciding which one of the options to take will depend on the road layout, markings and the position of the other vehicles. Approach, being prepared to stop if necessary and look into the other cars making eye contact with the other drivers to determine what
course to take.

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