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Priority on approach – When approaching most roundabouts, you will give way to traffic coming from the right. There will be rare occasions when the give way line is on the roundabout itself and you can enter the roundabout with priority.

Position on approach – Position left for turning left and straight ahead, right for turning right unless road markings, signs or road layout direct otherwise. You may use the right hand lane for straight ahead if the road markings indicate. With three unmarked lanes use the left lane for left, middle for going ahead and right lane for turning right.

Position on the roundabout – Unless directed otherwise use the left lane for turning left and straight ahead. Right lane for turning right. You may use the right-hand lane for straight ahead if markings indicate. If there are more than three lanes, then follow the road markings.

Exiting a roundabout – Check your mirrors and indicate as you pass the previous exit to the exit you’re taking. Finally, check your left side mirror before leaving the roundabout in the left-hand lane. If the left lane is not available, then take the right. Having exited the roundabout in the right lane then make your way into the left hand lane at the earliest safe opportunity.

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