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ABS – Antilock Braking System

Antilock braking system:

A.B.S. stands for ‘Anti-Lock Braking System’. Most modern cars have this system fitted and you need to know how your system works in order to brake properly. This information is found in the vehicle handbook.

How A.B.S. works:

A.B.S. works by sensing when the wheels of your car are just about to lock under braking. Just before the wheels lock the system releases the brake and re-applies them again very quickly while your foot stays on the brake. This allows you to steer the vehicle under maximum braking. Be aware that when the system has started working it is generally designed for you to keep your foot on the brake, do not lift off. That said you should always read your vehicle handbook for instructions on what to do in the event of the A.B.S. activating.

This system will not stop the vehicle more quickly for you. It will give you better control of your vehicle under maximum braking pressure, allowing you to steer away from any obstruction.

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