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Are Motorways More Dangerous Than Other Roads

Are motorways more dangerous?

Due to the fact there are no pedestrians, cyclists, sharp bends, steep hills,
roundabouts, traffic lights and so on, the motorway is mile for mile one of the safest
roads there is. However, due to the higher speeds involved, when there is an accident
it is often a serious one.

Planning you journey

You should plan your journey, making sure both you and your car are in a safe
condition to complete your trip. Don’t drive if you are very tired, on medication that
makes you drowsy or you’re feeling ill. Take regular breaks and ensure you have at
least enough fuel to get you to the next service station. If feeling tired with no service
station for some miles then open your window and turn your stereo on or up.

Vehicle checks

• Check your tyres are in safe condition and at the correct pressure.
• Your fluid levels should be topped up.
• Your windows and lights should be clean and correctly adjusted.
• Your wipers should be working and effective.

Remember the higher speeds you travel on the motorway will put more strain on the car so checks like the ones listed are important.

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