Automatic transmission:

A vehicle with automatic transmission will not have a clutch, will detect when a gear change is necessary and change to an appropriate gear automatically. It does this by changing up through the gears as your speed increases and down through the gears as your speed decreases or there is extra load going uphill.

Kick down: Is a feature of vehicles with automatic transmission where if you push the accelerator down very sharply the transmission will select a lower gear to give you better acceleration, for example if overtaking.

Creep: Is a common feature of vehicles with automatic transmission. When the vehicle has stopped there is enough power in the tick over of the engine to move the vehicle forward very slowly (creep). You must use the brake to prevent this (do not rely on the creep to hold the vehicle on a hill. It may not).

The handbrake: Should always be applied when your vehicle is stationary. If not the vehicle can creep forward on the engine tick over, or surge forward if the accelerator is pressed accidentally.

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