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Cyclist and Pedestrians

Cyclists and pedestrians:

Cyclists and pedestrians are what we would class as vulnerable road users. It is very important that you have a good attitude towards them and recognize the problems that face them on the busy roads of today.

Cyclists and motorcyclists:

1. Cannot be seen as easily.

2. Are more prone to injury if involved in an accident.

3. Can move through queuing traffic between cars. They are not always seen.

4. Can ride bicycles from a young age.

5. Are affected by adverse weather conditions and slippery road surfaces more easily.


1. Cannot be seen easily.

2. Can step out from behind parked vehicles.

3. If young, can be quick and unpredictable.

4. If old, can be slow, have poor eyesight and misjudge distances.

5. Some may be handicapped.

6. Some may be deaf.

7. Some may be visually impaired with a white stick (red band if also deaf).

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