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Driving on the Motorway

Where do I position on the motorway?

The left-hand lane is your normal driving position with the two lanes on your right being used as overtaking lanes.

• Always keep in the centre of your lane.

• You should keep a steady speed, planning well ahead for any changes in traffic conditions.

• Never drive too close to the car in front. As a minimum you should keep a two second gap between you and the vehicle in front in good weather. Double this in the wet, further in icy conditions.

• You must not exceed the speed limit of 70mph. There may be lower limits in some areas, for example where there are road works. Stick to the lower limit.

• You must use the service areas to stop and take a break. If you feel tired with no service areas for some miles then you should open your window for better ventilation and turn your stereo on or up. Take regular breaks on long journeys. You may stop on the hard shoulder of the motorway in an emergency only. Read ‘The Highway Code’ for the procedure you should follow.

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