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How to Approach Pedestrian Crossings

Pedestrian crossings:

On approach to pedestrian crossings you will see white zigzag markings on the road. You must not park or overtake another vehicle within these markings.

When approaching a pedestrian crossing you should look for any pedestrians on the pavement within the zigzag markings walking towards the crossing. Anticipating when someone may want to cross will make it easier to give way.

Beyond the white stop / give way line are two rows of metal studs to show the area in which the pedestrians must cross. You must never stop in this area. If in a queue for example, you must never enter onto a pedestrian crossing unless you can clear it on the other side (just as you would a yellow box junction).

The approach:

Look well ahead to identify pedestrian crossings early and look for any pedestrians on or near the crossing. Use the MSM routine and bring your speed down if required. Never accelerate towards a pedestrian crossing.

Consider your brake lights cannot be seen by the pedestrians on the crossing so if you’re the lead vehicle an arm signal may be required to let them know you’re slowing down.

Moving off:

Only move off when the crossing is clear, even if the lights indicate you can go.

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