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How to Deal with Cyclist

Dealing with cyclists:

When passing a cyclist, you should give them as much room as a car. Imagine if they fell to one side. Would you drive over them?

Anticipate their actions:

Cyclist may swerve in windy conditions or maybe to avoid a drain. Drains are very slippery, and the cyclist may go around
them. Is the cyclist approaching any parked vehicles? Are they looking over their right shoulder ready to move to the right? You can’t overtake then.

At junctions:

Take care at junctions to spot cyclists. When approaching a left turn you must check your left side for any cyclists on your left. When emerging at junctions: (Think once, Think twice, Think bike).

Other considerations:

  • In queues of traffic keep checking behind for any cyclists approaching from the rear.
  • Young cyclists are especially vulnerable, you must keep an eye on them.
  • If there is a cycle lane then do not drive in it.

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