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How to Deal with Pedestrians

Dealing with pedestrians:

You should always treat pedestrians with courtesy and consideration. Take note not just that there is a pedestrian there but what type of pedestrian they are. Some are far more vulnerable than others, so you should pay attention and slow down if needed. Particularly vulnerable are the young, the elderly, a mother with children and people walking dogs (Is it on a lead? If so what type of lead? Is it extendable?)

Anticipate where you would encounter the pedestrians:

1. Busy high streets.

2. A bus at the roadside.

3. Around parked cars and ice-cream vans.

4. Outside schools at home time.

5. As you turn left into roads you can’t see into.

6. On roads without footpaths.

Remember you must give way to all pedestrians already crossing a road you are turning into. Never wave or beckon a pedestrian to cross the road.

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