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Illuminated Motorway Signs and Signals

Illuminated signs:

Illuminated signs and signals are used on the motorway to warn you of danger ahead that you may not be able to see yet, for example accidents, fog, ice, standing traffic, slow-moving queues or some sort of spillage.

Sign Types:

• White illuminated signals on the central reservation or above the lanes that have amber flashing lights warn drivers of fog ahead, lane closures, advisory temporary speed limits, or orders you to leave the motorway at the next junction. The information will be clear in white lights.

• End illuminated signals have no amber flashing lights with the word ‘End’ clearly visible in white lights.

• Red illuminated signals found above the lanes or on slip roads have either flashing red lights or a red cross and mean you must not continue in that lane any further.

Reflective studs:

Known as ‘Cats Eyes’ found on the carriageway separating the lanes are:

• Red between the left lane and hard shoulder

• White between the central lanes

• Amber between the right lane and central reservation

• Green between the left lane and the exit.

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