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Joining and Leaving the Motorway

How do you join and leave a motorway?

In most cases you join and leave a motorway via a slip road from the left. You may also join from another motorway or even a roundabout in rare cases at the beginning of a motorway.

When joining via a slip road you should:

1. Use the slip road to pick up speed, trying to match it to the speed of the traffic in
the left-hand lane of the motorway. Some adjustment in your speed may then be
necessary in order to fit in to any gaps in the traffic flow.
2. Always indicate your intention to join.
3. Remember that traffic on the motorway has priority and although you should do
your best to fit in safely, it is your responsibility to give way at the end of the slip
road if necessary.
4. Never cross a solid white line separating lanes.
5. Stay in the left lane until you have adjusted to the conditions and speed before

When leaving via a slip road you should:

1. Look for signs to warn you of the approaching exit and move into the left lane in
good time.
2. Signal left in good time. The first count-down marker is a good guide.
3. Slow down on the slip road, not the main carriageway.
4. Be aware your perception of speed may have changed when driving at speed for
some time. Be careful not to drive too quickly in a 30 limit or to approach your first
few junctions too quickly. 50mph may well now feel like 30mph!

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