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Learning Goals and the Needs of Your Pupil

Agreeing lesson learning goals:

In every lesson given, once you have made your introductions and established the level of instruction through Q&A techniques you must agree with the pupil the learning goals for the lesson. It is important you do this so that both you and your pupil know what is expected and have something to measure their progress by at the end.

Below is an example of how you would go about agreeing goals with a pupil:

Agreeing Lesson Goals (Beginning of the Lesson)


• How do you feel your last lesson went?
• What went well?
• How could you improve it?
• If it could be improved, what are the potential consequences and impact of what you did?
• If it could be improved, what can we do differently to improve it?


• Introduce a new subject if appropriate. For example, a new junction or manoeuvre and agree how the pupil would like to learn. (Demonstration? Diagram? Mind Map? Brief? etc)


• Agree the lesson goals produced from both the analysis and the lesson subject you may have introduced.

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