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Motorway Signs

What do motorway signs look like?

When approaching a motorway, the signs directing you to the motorway will have
white lettering on a blue background with a white border. You will find some of these
incorporated on larger direction signs or they will stand alone. On the motorway itself
the signs will be the same as above but bigger than normal so they can be seen from
further away.

The signs on the motorway are:

• Information signs showing distances to services and major towns or cities.
• Route signs that are placed one mile and half a mile from exits.
• Countdown markers placed 300, 200 and 100 yards from each exit.
• Each exit has a number that corresponds with current road maps to help you plan your journey and know where to leave.
• Overhead signs can give you early warning of lane position required for the correct route.
• Warning signs for motorways merging or traffic management systems ahead.
• Tourist signs have a brown background indicating you can reach them by leaving the motorway at the next exit.

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