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Moving Away from Behind a Parked Vehicle. (Angle Start)

Moving away. (Angle Start)

When performing this manoeuvre, you must have good clutch control and not release the clutch fully until you have cleared the obstruction you are pulling around.

Use the same procedure as moving away on a level road but when at the observe stage you must ask yourself:

1. What angle will I need to get out?

2. How far will this take me into the road?

3. How long will it take for me to get out (it will take longer than moving off ahead)?

Make sure you leave a doors width clearance and beware of pedestrians stepping out from behind the stationary vehicle.

Once moving you must steer the vehicle. This may be difficult to do to start with as your pupil will only have experience of moving in a vehicle when sat in the passenger seat.

Advice to be given:

1. Look well ahead not just in front of the car. Your hands follow your eyes so look at where you want to put the vehicle not just at what you’re trying to avoid.

2. Drive about one metre from the kerb and round stationary vehicles (about a car doors width).

3. Keep all movements smooth and steady.

4. Use the pull-push method of steering.

5. When holding the wheel with one hand, stiffen your arm and grip a little.

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