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Night Driving and Lights to Use

Night driving:

It is very important that both the driver and car are in good condition when driving at night. The main problem is that you can’t see as well in the dark. This means you will need to concentrate harder.

The driver:

• Must not be too tired, unwell or not concentrating.

• Eyesight must be up to standard and glasses must be clean. Allow eyes to adjust to the conditions before driving.

The car:

• Lights and indicators must be working and clean.

• Mirrors and windscreen must be clean with the wipers in good order. Anything on the windscreen can cause more dazzle.

Which Lights Should I Use?

• Dusk and dawn – Sidelights

• At night – Dipped headlights

• Unlit roads or where the streetlights are more than 185 metres apart – Headlights (full beam) when appropriate.

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