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Overall Stopping Distance and What Affects it

Overall stopping distances and what affects it:

Your overall stopping distance is made up of your thinking distance, which is the distance it takes from you recognizing the hazard to your foot going on the brake. Your braking distance is the distance it takes for the car to stop once you are braking (see rule 126 of the Highway code). Factors that will affect the efficiency of your overall stopping distances are:

1. Your health and concentration.

2. Condition of your brakes.

3. Condition of your tyres.

4. Correct tyre pressures

5. Size of your vehicle

6. Gradient of the road

7. Weather conditions

8. Road condition.

Remember the biggest cause of skidding is Driver Error. There may be other factors involved but they should have been taken into consideration by the driver before the skid occurred and so avoiding any problems.

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