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Question and Answer Technique

Q & A technique:

Q&A technique is a very important and very effective tool used when teaching people to drive. It can be hard to encourage a pupil to apply their previously learned knowledge to the task in hand, but with a few well-chosen questions it can be brought out helping the pupil problem solve for themselves.

This also tells the instructor exactly what the pupil does and doesn’t know. When the instructor knows what the pupil understands, how they feel and what their thoughts are on any given subject, the instructor can help the pupil fill in any gaps in knowledge, correct any misunderstandings and help the pupil improve their skill levels and confidence.

Q&A technique also allows the instructor to assess the progress of the pupil and provoke thought. You must understand the difference between ‘open ended questions’ and ‘closed’. You will use open questions most of the time although they both have their place.

Open Questions

Questions that require an answer requiring understanding of a subject. You would be looking to use questions like this when analysing subjects with pupils and encouraging them to use knowledge they already have to problem solve a current task. Questions that begin with the words:




• WHY?

• HOW?

Closed Questions

Questions that require a one word answer like yes, no, left or right. You would be looking to use questions like this when prompting the pupil into to doing something on the move or to encourage the pupil to make a decision independently. Questions that begin with the words:

• CAN?

• IS?

• DO?

• WHO?


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