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Road Holding and Grip

Road holding:

Road holding is the grip your vehicle has with road whilst it is moving. It is very important you understand what factors will affect the effectiveness of your vehicles grip.

At different times different wheels will be responsible for different amounts of grip, for example:

• Acceleration pushes the weight of the car backwards onto the rear wheels.

• Braking will transfer more weight to the front wheels giving them more responsibility for the grip (up to 80% under very heavy braking).

• When cornering to the left, the wheels on the right side of the car will bear the weight and so the most responsibility for grip.

• When cornering to the right, the left side of the car will bare the most weight and so the most responsibility for grip.

Because of this it is important not to be braking whenever possible on a bend or corner. This would transfer the weight of the car both forwards and to one side putting too much responsibility for the grip on one wheel. Either front left or right. This would increase the chances of a skid. Always enter a bend at a speed you can negotiate it safely without having to brake further.

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