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Signs and Signals

Signs and signals:

It is important that you have a good understanding of all signs and the rules that relate to them in the highway code. Learner drivers need to be taught firstly the importance of seeing and reading the signs, secondly the importance of knowing what they mean, and finally to act safely on the information.

  • Signs are a warning of a change in traffic conditions ahead and should be associated with hazards.
  • Symbols are used as much as possible so they are more easily recognizable. They are also mainly standard throughout Europe.

Recognizing signs is much easier if you understand the basic rules:

1. Circular signs: Give orders.

2. Triangular signs: Give warnings.

3. Rectangular signs: Inform and give directions.

4. Road markings: Can do any of the above.

5. Traffic lights: Controls traffic.

6. Octagonal signs: Means ‘Stop’.

7. Triangle pointing downwards: Means ‘Give Way’.

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