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Teaching Adults

Teaching adults:

As a driving instructor, all your pupils will be from the ages of 16 through to the elderly. You will have to adapt your teaching style to cope with the needs of the different pupils. Younger people will either still be in education or not long left and will more readily fall into the teacher pupil role that is required. Older pupils may find it harder as they have not been in the pupil role for a long time. With encouragement and tactful instruction, considering how the older pupil will be feeling they will gain in confidence and achieve all that is needed.

Don’t be afraid to ask your pupils how they are feeling, what, if any, thoughts and fears they may have. This will enable you to work more effectively with your pupil in achieving their goals. The most successful instructors are ones that can skilfully and tactfully adapt their teaching techniques to the needs of the individual pupil they are working with.

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