Driving test forms:

As a driving instructor you must be familiar with all aspects of the driving test from content to procedure to the marking system. All the relevant information on the driving test is found on the pages of the books listed.

Main Forms Used for the Driving Test:

Form DL28: A driving test appointment confirmation sent to the candidate having booked a test.

Form DL25: The driving test report where all faults are recorded by the examiner on test. Pass or fail, a candidate will receive a copy at the end of the test by email.

Form DL26: The driving test booking form for if booking by post. Although these days most people like too book online or by phone.

Form D10: The driving test pass certificate given to a pupil following a test pass. Having passed, the examiner will also ask to take the candidates’ provisional licence which will be upgraded automatically to a full licence, arriving within two to three weeks by post.

The DVSA produce a printable version of the driving test report form called the DL25. This can be found at:


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